MYE Cardio Machine Built-In TV Audio Receivers

Eliminate Cardio Theater Style Receiver Boxes

Listen to Club TV Audio Direct from the Cardio Machine Console

The worlds leading cardio equipment manufacturers feature intelligent MYE Wireless TV Audio Receivers built into select machines for a convenient, all-in-one entertainment experience. Exercisers simply plug their headphones into the machine console, select the desired TV and enjoy. MYE Fitness Entertainment built-in wireless receivers are compatible with Cardio Theater, MYE, Broadcast Vision and other transmitters for seamless compatability.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Integrated Seamless Design – No traditional receiver boxes wire-tied to machine required.
  • TV Select, Volume Controls and Headphone Jack are integrated into the cardio machine console.
  • Compatible with all MYE, Cardio Theater, Broadcast Vision and all other brands of wireless TV audio transmitters.
  • Certified by Cardio Equipment Manufacturers – Ensures seamless compatibility and validates cardio machine warranty.

Ask your manufacturer’s rep to add MYE built-in wireless receivers on your next equipment purchase.



MYE Customer Testimonials

"We have 18 Facilities. Our members definitely prefer the convenience of integrated entertainment control at their fingertips. The MYE products and features are so much better, especially MYE universal compatibility that allows us to phase-in new products. We want a clean, uniform look for our cardio areas so we automatically order new equipment with integrated monitors or MYE 900MHz integrated wireless receivers."

"Entertainment is huge for us, creating the "wow factor" and value that sets our clubs apart from the competition. 50-inch wall-mounted TVs and integrated MYE wireless receivers on our cardio equipment provide a seamless entertainment environment we really appreciate. What MYE has done with wireless integration in cardio machines is a drastic improvement that eliminates most installation and service issues. We only do business with suppliers we know and trust - like MYE, our exclusive entertainment provider."

"We opened our 75,000 square foot facility in 2012 and entertainment was an important consideration and after careful research we chose MYE. We have 12 treadmills with embedded TV screens and 60 pieces of cardio equipment with MYE 900MHz wireless receivers and strategically placed wall-mounted TVs. MYE did a terrific job with coordinating installation. 90% of our members use the MYE system in the cardio area so it has been very well received.