MYE Smart Digital Signage

Innovative Digital Signage Technology Developed Exclusively for Fitness Clubs

Connect with members and grow your club business with the power of MYE Smart Digital Signage. In minutes, the simple set up and easy-to-manage online portal enables you to target membership sales and promotions in exciting new ways. Choose quick-start drag and drop design templates and content, or edit and manage your own.

  • Signage player easily connects with any HDMI compatible TV.
  • Quick-start design templates and membership marketing portal.
  • Cross-promote MYE Smart Digital Signage with MYE AppAudio Smartphone TV Audio app.
  • Everything your club needs for a world-class signage solution.

MYE Smart Digital Signage + AppAudio Smartphone Advertising = Results


Proof of Performance

MYE Smart Digital Signage is paired with the Intel® AIM (Audience Impression Metrics) Suite, an anonymous viewer analytics technology. For your specific ads or promotions, the Intel AIM Suite provides reporting metrics including the number of viewers, their gender and age group and dwell time. This exciting feature allows you to evaluate, fine tune and clearly target your marketing messages based on what metrics reveal are most effective.

  • Number of viewers for your ad or promotion.
  • Dwell time, how long they looked at your ad.
  • Viewer demographics.

Contact us about developing a targeted and effective advertising program to reach an active and motivated audience.