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MYE AppAudio® — Club TV Audio on Smartphones

A simple, FREE AppAudio download from iTunes or Google Play enables your members to enjoy TV audio on Apple or Android devices from monitors throughout the facility. They listen and you connect with the FREE, feature packed AppAudio Mobile Marketing Platform to boost sales and referrals with special offers, promotions and class schedules.

MYE Built-In Cardio Machine TV Audio Receivers

No more Cardio Theater boxes required. MYE TV Audio Receivers are built into leading cardio machine consoles. Your members simply plug in headphones, select TV channel on the console and enjoy. Compatible with MYE, CardioTheater and other brand TV transmitters. Have your rep add MYE built-in wireless receivers on your next order.

MYE Attachable TV Audio Receiver

The fitness industries #1 selling club TV audio receiver, MYE Cardio Theater style Eclipse TV Audio Receivers attach to any cardio machine to provide clear audio from any ceiling or wall-mounted TV. Your members simply select the TV channel and enjoy audio from their favorite programs. Combined 900/800 MHz receivers work worldwide.

MYE Cardio Machine TVs

MYE Commercial Grade Cardio Machine TVs feature high-definition, energy-saving viewing with built-in keypad, headphone jack replacement-alert and optional CableSAT wireless channel changer. MYE technology is featured in TV monitors from leading cardio equipment manufacturers. MYE Consumer Grade Cardio Machine TVs offer affordable replacements for BroadcastVision, Cardio Theater, CardioVision and other TVs.

MYE CableSAT Channel Changer

The MYE Direct Connect and Wireless CableSAT Channel Changers provide two superior, low cost and pre-programmed solutions to easily change cable, satellite or IPTV box channels (and eliminate the hassle of IR remotes). For compatibility and quality assurance, MYE CableSAT Channel Changers were designed in conjunction with, and authorized by, leading cardio manufacturers.

MYE Smart Digital Signage

Connect with your members and grow revenue with MYE Smart Digital Signage, a dynamic promotional platform with simple plug and play TV set up, an easy-to-manage MYE online portal and advanced analytics. Choose quick-start drag and drop design templates and content – or custom designs – all compatible with the MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing platform.

MYE Club TV Audio Transmitters

MYE TV Audio Transmitters provide audio from any of your ceiling or wall-mounted TV monitors. Your members simply tune to the station posted under the TV to enjoy audio from their favorite TV programs. MYE Transmitters are compatible with every brand TV audio receivers both built in cardio machines or attachable.

MYE CardioCare Online Machine Monitoring

Manage your cardio equipment on one convenient wireless platform with 24/7 online access. The MYE CardioCare Machine Management System provides utilization and diagnostic data for every make and model of cardio machine. The exclusive cloud-based CardioCare system seamlessly aggregates all equipment information using WiFi technology that automatically captures and stores data.

MYE Group X Smartphone Audio System

A convenient, compact and portable solution for clubs without enclosed rooms, the MYE Group X Smartphone system allows your members to listen to group or virtual classes on their Apple or Android phones. Members download the free AppAudio app from the iTunes or Google Play store then listen to music and voice instructions.

About MYE Fitness Entertainment

Innovative MYE fitness entertainment products include wireless TV audio receivers and transmitters, the AppAudio smartphone TV audio system, wireless CableSAT Channel Changer and Smart Digital Signage. Advanced product design makes MYE technology the choice of leading fitness facility operators, cardio and equipment manufacturers worldwide.